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Kristi M. Esses, M.D.

Business Manager
Vascular Center of Mobile, P.C.

We were looking for a new clinic site to renovate for a vascular surgery practice.  The option of building was not feasible and we were restricted with locations.  After careful review of the more reputable local commercial real estate companies and reviewing their realtor resumes, education, and background we chose Sharon and White Spunner Realty for their experience in commercial real estate and her education.  This being our first commercial real estate investment for a medical clinic, we needed someone to understand the industry and look out for us in the investment.

The conversion of an historic church to a medical clinic was a huge undertaking.  From offer to closing was about a six-month process. We looked at many different properties, made offers on others properties and toured a few properties several times needing estimates for renovations.  

Because we were buying a church, the property had to be rezoned. Sharon went through the whole process of re-zoning and subdividing the property with us prior to closing.  Sharon utilized her education, experience and trusted professional contacts to lead us through the negotiations, renovation costs, city approvals and designs.  She protected our interests along the way.  She was a part of every step of the investment in this commercial property from beginning to end.

I would highly recommend her because of her professional expertise, industry contacts and depth of knowledge. She is a great person and great Realtor. This was a huge undertaking and she patiently stood next to us through all of it.

She doesn’t leave when the job is done. She doesn’t disappear after closing.

We absolutely love our vascular surgery clinic in the historic church on Dauphin. The patients like it. The doctors like it. The location is perfect. 

Forrest Derr

Director of Information Technology & Marketing

Altaworx is a growing company in Fairhope, AL who has experienced a lot of challenges with locating viable commercial property within the Fairhope city limits. Mike Reid, White-Spunner Realty, has been instrumental in the last two building leases we have executed. With our first move he quickly located a building that had the space and location we needed while negotiating a strong lease in our favor. On the newest location, he spent a great deal of time and patience while we weighed the options and searched for property to purchase and/or land to build. Although it was a challenge locating a viable piece of property to purchase, we ended up making the decision to lease again, only this time in a building that was under construction.”

“Mike was instrumental in negotiating great terms and additional concessions to ensure our transition into the new space will be smooth. We highly recommend Mike.”

Michael Lutz II

Principle Owner,
Detroit Consulting Professionals

“If you’re doing anything residential, commercial or investment real estate, Mike Reid, White-Spunner Realty, would be your best choice. I only trust my Alabama portfolio with him!”

Misty McClure

Chicken Salad Chick

Misty McClure, owner of the top performing Chicken Salad Chick location in the franchise said she couldn’t be happier with the customer service provided by White-Spunner Realty’s property management division.

Chicken Salad Chick is located in a shopping center anchored by Mobile’s first Publix grocery store, with property management provided by Matthew Garrard of White-Spunner Realty. McClure said Garrard typically answers the phone himself, or calls her back quickly. “He also responds promptly to texts and emails,” she said.

“When I was worried that my sign wasn’t visible from the street,” McClure said, “Matthew made some phone calls and had tree limbs removed to increase visibility.”

Robin Little

Owner, Barre3

Almost two years ago, Robin Little decided Picadilly Square in Mobile would be the perfect spot for her new fitness business barre3.

“The location was great and it’s a good shopping center,” Little said. “I liked that it had nice tenants so my clients would be able to go to other places around my business.”

Little said Matthew Garrard and the White-Spunner Realty property management team have been easy to work with: “Because of our business, it's important to keep our rooms really cool. We had an HVAC problem, a leak. We called Matthew and they had someone out to fix it within an hour. Anytime we have an issue they are very helpful.”

Little said she would recommend WSR to anyone looking to lease property. “They are always helpful and responsive.”

Bill Austill


Bill Austill, and his father before him, have been investors with White-Spunner Realty for 45 years. Austill said the relationship has spanned more than four decades because of the professionalism WSR and its employees have shown. With ownership in three shopping centers, Austill has experienced first-hand the excellent customer service provided by Matt White and Matthew Garrard. “When the city of Saraland adopted Fairhope's sign ordinances, they worked with the city to make sure our businesses would still have good visability,” Austill said. “They attended public meetings and also held meetings with public officials to make sure our interests were represented. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Sean Coley


Sean Coley’s relationship with White-Spunner Realty (WSR) began more than three decades ago, when he first started to make investments in the real estate market. “I like my investments with them,” he said. “They have a professional staff and I think they do a really good job.”

Coley said he prefers long-term investments and has been pleased with his returns. He has an interest in several real estate developments WSR manages. His decision to do business with White-Spunner was influenced by his father, he said, who also has trusted the company with his investments for decades.

Coley said he would not hesitate to recommend White-Spunner Realty’s Property Management division: “If you had a center to be managed, they would be a good choice.”

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