Blacksher White-Spunner


A founding member of White-Spunner Realty in 1954, Blacksher White-Spunner now serves as Chairman of the Board. He continues to be active in developing raw land for commercial and first-class residential developments, as well as neighborhood retail centers in Mobile and Baldwin County – encompassing a span of more than 60 years in real estate.

Blacksher White-Spunner served in the U.S. Marines during World War II. He took advantage of the GI Bill and graduated from Auburn University. He feels his experience of serving in the military at a young age made him more grateful for the opportunities he encountered later in life. His work ethic, knowledge, people skills and faith have made White­-Spunner Realty the standard of excellence in Real Estate since 1954.

He is one of the original founding members and Past President of the Mobile Commercial Real Estate Exchange Club, a past Board of Director of the Mobile YMCA, former President of the Mobile Country Club and a Board Member of the Community Foundation of South Alabama.

Blacksher believes, “Passion drives a person to persist without exception until success is achieved.”

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