White-Spunner Realty Team Volunteers at Victory Health Partners

White-Spunner Realty team standing with Dr. Lightfoot and Kim Garrett of Victory Health Partners

On Thursday, January 26, our team donated an afternoon to volunteer at Victory Health Partners, a local Christian ministry that provides medical services to uninsured adults along the Gulf Coast.

Stacey, Katie, Jamie and Chrissy tackled painting the 3 rooms of the dispensary, transforming them from a 20-year-old beige to a refreshing green.

Meanwhile, Matt and Crawford carried the dispensary shelving outside for a new coat of paint, while Alton and John trimmed overhanging limbs and also removed several overgrown bushes.

We were honored to hear about the mission and success of Victory Health Partners from Dr. Lightfoot, who founded the ministry 20 years ago after being inspired by several overseas medical missions trips. He and his wife wanted to provide the same quality, affordable healthcare for those in their own home community who do not have health insurance. Victory Health Partners always celebrates “graduation day,” when one of their patients finally finds or regains health insurance.

Connecting people to opportunity is a key part of White-Spunner Realty’s culture that informs more than just our real estate transactions. Supporting Victory Health Partners as they ensure that our neighbors along the Gulf Coast have access to quality, affordable health care is just one example of how this mission plays into our company culture. Our team has a habit of volunteering in the community, both on and off the clock. Stay tuned for future updates as our realty team supports other local life-changing non-profits!

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